Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Workaround For Skyrim 1.2 Patch Bookshelves Problem

Since I recently acquired a house in Solitude as a result of my ongoing adventures in Skyrim, I thought it appropriate to do a little bookshelf testing.

As previously noted, bookshelves seem to glitch as a result of Bethesda's second title update for Skyrim. The shelves can swallow whatever books you just placed in them and then become unusable. I have found a workaround for it.

Shelves seem to be sensitive to placing a vast amount of books in bulk. By this I mean that if you dump in 8 or more books roughly speaking, the shelf will crash and refuse to render the books you placed as a normal shelf would normally do, when exiting your items menu.

What I did was I tried placing a single book as the first one on the shelf. Once I exited the actual item menu, the one book placed popped into existence and rested on the shelf. Then I added another single book which to my surprised worked just fine.

I proceeded to add no more than 3 books at any one activation of the actual shelf. Books were being placed healthily every time I exited until I reached the shelf's limit.

Bare in mind I did this for only the top shelf of a 2 shelf unit. I kept the test within the same unit for consistency's sake.

For the bottom shelf, I added one book then another without a problem. The 2 books appeared out of thin air and nestled on the shelf. I then proceeded to add as many books as the shelf could further take in one menu instance, which resulted in the unsurprising bookshelf glitch.

So there you go. I think it's fairly conclusive that adding only a few books at a time will help you avoid the dead shelf glitch until Bethesda hopefully fix this with their next patch.

Happy collecting.

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