Sunday, 4 December 2011

Skyrim's 1.2 Patch Breaks Resistances and Bookshelves

The next patch from Bethesda has gone live for a few days and seems to have broken more than it fixed. Thankfully, they have actually fixed the texture problem so the game can finally be enjoyed to its fullest from the hard drive install.

However, I've noticed 2 new problems induced by the patch.

Resistance properties seem to not function properly. I have a level 41 juggernaut of a Nord with 50% frost resistance as well as a 50% resistive shield perk active at all times. I also have a 15% universal magicka resistance from some quest or something.

Despite this, I'm suddenly being chewed alive by Frost dragons, Elder dragons and ANY mage. What the hell is this shit?!

Another thing that really sucks is that I can't feed my obsessive compulsive book hoarding anymore.

After owning 3 fully decorated homes within 3 different holds in Skyrim, I've developed a hoarding disorder where I feel the need to occupy every weapon rack with the most shiny magical weaponry I find in the game. Bookshelves especially are very addictive to fill with the various multi-volume books in the game world.

I recall deciding to dedicate Vlindrel Hall in Markarth, with it's 3 adjacent book units as my go to library where I can slow the game's pace down and read The Biography of Berenziah or something. But Bethesda just didn't want me to relax by my fireplace and made it so that the shelves swallow whatever books I dump into perpetual vortexes, so that I can't use that shelf anymore nor retrieve whatever I placed in there. What the hell is this shit?!?!

Take your time Bethesda when you release patches.

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