Saturday, 10 December 2011

Can Skyrim Be Too Easy At Times?

Small observation here from my time with the game thus far.

I've done many quests so far in Skyrim. Already well into 100 hours and think I have a fair scope of the game to start judging it.

It was after one particular quest relating to a Daedric artifact (that shall remain unnamed), that my eyes were opened to something I just did not like.

I was accompanied by a priest into the dungeons of a troublesome quagmire. We were tasked with solving an issue plaguing a nearby hold in the northern half of Skyrim. Needless to say, we reach a key location; a scorched and desolate library with its contents in disarray.

I was then advised by the priest to look for a particular book to move forward with our quest. His descriptions of the book were quite particular; color, size and detail were all relayed to me by the priest.

I rummage through the variety of burned and ruined books strewn around the floor and amongst the half broken book shelves that remain standing. The books were all tarred in black so I thought that a gleaming tome would stand out quite well as I systematically eliminate each shelf's contents from my search.

As I completely eliminate one entire quadrant of the library and turn around only to see a large prominent waypoint, both on my compass and clipped through a few solid shelves in front of me.

I thought this was a glitch at first. That waypoint wasn't there a minute ago.

My curiosity peaks.

I step forward towards the waypoint around the corner. To my horror, I shudder and my mouth gapes widely.

That waypoint is floating on top of a large blue book. The very book I was just tasked with 'searching for'.

Is this what RPGs have come to? Why was I provided with a lengthy prose about the descriptions of said book, when the waypoint just flashed above it as soon as my task started? Can I not be trusted to actually listen and apply my knowledge in the context of a mission?

The problem goes further than that in Skyrim. Almost everything in the game according to my memory has been totally reliant on the waypoints.

For example, you could be tasked with finding a mystical ring in a cave. The game as it is, is designed to give you the exact location of the cave and a waypoint to the ring in its precise location.

I didn't quite notice this before as I was too infatuated with the combat and scenery of Skyrim's game world. But now that I've played Skyrim for so many hours, it's things like this that I actually feel are holding the game back. Every treasure hunting quest is starting to feel formulaic to me. Find location, enter crypt and fight your way to the very end.

Gone are the days where you had to thumb your way through a book to find clues to a hidden treasure. Bethesda can't even trust you to find a book in a library.

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  1. I got some software problem with my Sneak-Archer and I play on Master difficulty. The game is really easy, yes, but still quite awesome the first few hours you put into it.