Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Skyrim Christmas Bubble

I think we all know of the mega hot Skyrim price plummet that ended not too long ago.

It was so big that even a skeptic like myself who still loves gaming related bargains, dipped in for a second copy of the game. What harm could a spare copy do? You could easily flip it for a bit of pocket money for Christmas to brighten up a little kid's holidays.

But what people didn't bank on was the shear quantity of bulk stock that was distributed
 by not just Gamestation; GAME and Amazon did it too. Yeah, I know the first two are essentially the same thing but whatever.

It was so big of a deal that it even sparked its own poorly scripted, low budget in-house television advert by Gamestation. How often do you see Gamestation ads on television here in the UK, let alone it being an ad targetted towards the sale of one specific game at a ridiculously low price of £22.49?

I guess it isn't a bad thing that more people are now probably exposed to the gaming excellence that is Skyrim, as a game of course.

What it really reminded me of is a housing bubble. In fact, you can lookup any housing bubble in the history of modern economics and you wouldn't need to be an estate agent to draw parallels between the two.
Akatosh was a house you know...
Skyrim is now being offloaded at prices reaching below £20 GBP, a stonking low price for a game that is not much older than 1 month into the holiday release window of the year 2011.

It's a real shame that I didn't wait for this deal; it would've saved me %50 off the price I payed for my original copy, not to mention the less than smooth launch and current state of the game today.

With the deal now reaching a scorching 4900+ degrees of heat on, there is one big lesson I've learned.

Never buy a game at launch. You will only end up regretting it.

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