Monday, 3 October 2011

DICE Reward Camping In Battlefield 3 Open Beta

The BF3 Open Beta is open to incredibly mixed impressions.

In an effort to quell the rather insane "pre-order cancelled" mantra some foolish individuals have been parading, DICE have released an incomplete preliminary changelog to emphasise just how much the final game will differ to this Beta.

Amongst the changes, one particular item stood out to me the most:

Fixed a bug where shooting at a moving enemy could cause more than the intended amount of damage.

To know that such a bug exists in the Beta that I am playing, explains a whole lot of frustrations during the game. There are conspicuous moments where I get killed with automatic weaponry, from distance, with what seems to be one bullet or hit against me.

This would drop me from a good 100% health state to 0% with only one hit felt and seen on my screen.

Conversely, many times I would take pop shots at sprinting enemies across good distances with a Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) and I would surprisingly drop said enemy in what I think to myself was only one hitmarker.

A video that illustrates exactly what happens can be found here.

This also mostly happened to me while sprinting too. It felt like sprinting induced it.

Now, you may think this is lag. But in all my lag based experiences, this genuinely stood out for me while playing.

Do you know what this ultimately means?

That DICE have released a Beta that punishes rushing and rewards the lack of mobility. This is a travesty in a game mode that's called 'Rush'.

As if the Beta does not already have its fair share of bush camping, prone camping, sniper camping, spawn camping and lag. There is now a feature within the game that unlocks a one bullet death/kill mode. How delightful.


  1. Beta is Beta. Not retail. You didn't pay anything for it. It's there to catch bugs. QQ less.

  2. The same bugs that were already caught and fixed before the Beta even released? Yeah, let's catch those bugs again and pretend the community did our work for us out of a false sense of achievement.

    It's not a beta. It's a betafied demo from a broken, ancient build they had to release.