Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Unnecessary Confusion Arises Over Gears of War 3's 'Season Pass' Details

Epic have detailed a new 'Season Pass' purchasable at the price of 2400 microsoft points starting from the launch of their AAA title Gears of War 3. The season pass guarantees free access to the first 4 chunks of released DLCs that are believed to cost a total of 3600 microsoft points when bought individually upon their release. Included with this pass is a set of exclusive Liquid Metal gun skins (pictured above). Nice!

This is great news for Gearheads who know they will be snapping up every piece of DLC on offer in the future. A saving of 1200 microsoft points and a free set of exclusive skins. Simple right?

If comments sections of articles on popular websites like Trueachievements, x360a and even Epic's own Blog are anything to go by, this is the hardest news to comprehend since the introductory class of Nuclear Physics 101. Here are some hilarious comprehension fails plucked from such sites:

Think about this for a second. You pay 30$ for 33% off what is likely to be 4 $10 map packs. Sounds great, either the map packs will be more than 10$ each or the "season pass" is less than worthless.
So let me get this staight, they want me to spend $30 upfront for what is essentially a glorified coupon to save 33% on upcoming dlc?? They just want you to buy it now so that you're "locked in" for future purchases. You'll feel obligated to make the 4 dlc purchases at a discount because you already paid $30 down... Don't get me wrong, i'm a huge GOW fan and have read the books. It's just the principle of it that bugs me, that is all.
So You Are Spending 2400 MSP To Save 1600 MSP
People need to stop comparing this to the Rockstar pass. It says nothing about the four dlcs being free with the pass. It only says the weapon pack will be free. You are paying for discounts on the first four dlcs, NOT the dlcs.

There is PLENTY more where that came from!

Listen up kiddos. You do not pay for discounts. EVER!

It doesn't make any financial/economical/logical sense for any business plan to con the consumer into paying more in a bundle than would be payed for individual contents. That has never been done by any company before, let alone a multi-million global gaming company.

It's not like season passes like this haven't been done before. Just look at Mortal Kombat's pass that gave you access to 4 fighters as soon as they launched.

They have marketing teams for this stuff. There is no conspiracy to fleece you as a consumer with mathematical wizardry. The only wizardry out there is the wizardry that swapped your brains with mashed potatoes.

Stay in school kids.

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