Friday, 5 August 2011

Battlefield Fanboys Are The Worst

Battlefield fanboys. Also known as DICE fanboys.

They are to the FPS genre divide what PS3 fanboys have been to the console "war".

The come in various shapes or forms.

They may give incredulous praise to DICE as benevolent game developers who have done and can do no wrong.

They may rabidly foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Call of Duty. Sometimes, extending their vitriol to any pages about a Call of Duty topic around the web.

It reminds me of people who listen to a mediocre unpopular rock band. Whenever a Triple-A mainstream band it mentioned, they attack people who like the mainstream band.

DICE are not infallible. In fact, I read a fantastic piece detailing DICE's not too distant server fiasco with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. DICE essentially designed and implemented server architecture that was a literal 'ticking time-bomb'. The more people play the game, the worse the server based experience will be for everyone, as of early 2011 I believe, not even 1 year after the release of the game in 2010.

But no, to these fanboys, that game-breaking problem may as well have never happened. Fingers in their ears, they refuse to hear any of it.

Another issue with these fanboys is trying to be critical of DICE's design choices while debating them about aspects of Battlefield games. They will just pass it off as 'whining' or try to fish out a hidden allegiance to another franchise you presumably have tucked away some where.

For example, DICE's philosophy for the upcoming Battlefield 3 is "Play it your way".

It sounds like an underground advertising partnership between DICE and McDonald's to rival Burger King's philosophy.

"Play it your way" is not a philosophy I'm fond of. I cant count how many times in Bad Company 2 I've had to put up with people not playing the game at all. Instead, choosing to wait for that one helicopter to respawn over and over and over...

Surprisingly, people claim that playing it your way is what Battlefield has always been all about. If playing it your way is indeed what Battlefield is about, not playing your kit to its fullest, supporting your team where they need supporting and making use of every vehicle, even if you dont find it "fun", then maybe Battlefield is just not for me as a series.

Maybe I'll just go play Call of Duty. I'll mix it up over there playing it my way. Tomahawking one game, Ballistic Knifing the other, silenced Ghost another game and all out RPG-fest the next. I don't know about you, but Call of Duty seems like a series well suited to the individual "Play it your way" mentality. God knows you don't need 'teamwork' there to win...

I don't want to play another game like this. For the time being, I'm still holding firm on a copy of the Xbox 360 version. But having played the PC alpha (yes, I played it, screw you NDA), I see many problems there that will be infinitesimally exacerbated in the console counterpart, particularly due to the lower player count of 24 players.

Coupled with rumored customisable dogtags and specialisations playing a large role in combat, I think its safe to say that BF3 will be more like Bad Company 3 rather than being a proper Battlefield game.

But as usual, Battlefield fanboys are already waiting in line ready to be milked by EA's marketing machine. Don't you dare say anything negative about Battlefield. Or you'll be hounded by the fanboys, trolled to the 4 corners of the Earth like a heathen.

I bet you fanboys are already drooling over 'Battlefied 3: The Russian'. Yet another out of place novel attempting to cash in on the franchise. Ironically, it's these same fanboys that will say Battlefield shouldn't have a story as it was born as a multiplayer only franchise.

Russians here, Russians there, Russian baddies everywhere... as one EAUK user so eloquently put it :D


  1. You're right. fuck fanboys.

  2. yeah fanboys sucks.