Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Plague of Corner Camping

Corner camping.

We all know what it is. We all sense what type of player does it. We've ALL suffered from it.

As the FPS genre grows in size, more and more gamers and casuals will fill their free time with playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis etc. However, there seems to be two distinct types of first person gamers.

1) Those who play to have fun and know they are playing a game

2) Those who are so feeble minded that they become immersed into the game so much, they think it's real life

Its category 2 that are ruining the enjoyment of anyone with the misfortune of playing in the same lobby as them.

Young and/or casual gamers are not mature enough (at times) to handle the intensity of firing weaponry at other people, albeit in the virtual environment.

To illustrate this phenomenon, I present to you a crude illustration:

The red circles are candidates for corner camping. As you can tell, the tactical and positional benefit of sitting in any one of these positions will overwhelm any enemy that is entering the territory.

Dont get me wrong, there are times and situations where it is perfectly tactical to retreat to a distal corner. This can be down to a host of situations; multiple enemies overwhelm your vantage point, you are damaged and need to heal, you need to reload and gather your bearings after an engagement and other similar situations.

However, you will find people in both Battlefield and Call of Duty that will magnetically gravitate to the nearest corner of whichever room they spawn nearest to... and stay there for the rest of the game!

Tactics? None. Positioning? A Lottery. Awareness of the enemies directions? Zilch. Noobiness? Infinite.

Funnily enough, it is these players precisely who sit, roast marshmallows and squat in these obscure, un-tactical positions in maps that end up killing the best players.

It is an incredibly cheap, dirty and defecative way to play the game. More often than not, you come back to check the same corner they killed you from and they are STILL there. Unbelievable.

As certain "beasts" would say, the game is playing YOU when you behave like this in a video game.

Thank goodness for theatre mode in COD Black Ops; if only Battlefield employed it as well. Then again, Battlefield has destruction on its side and I cant count how many of these cretin playes I've blown up out the other side of the wall.

Do everyone a favour. If you are going to play first person shooters like this, just sell your game and play something else. The genre just isnt for you. Accept that reality, cherish it. It'll make you a better person in real life.

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